Thursday, October 13, 2011


I can't remember now where I found this but the line that stuck out to me the most is: "we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day." I really need to mount that on my windshield or something because some days I just wake up plain ol' grumpy. For no reason at all. Today wasn't a grumpy day, I was just tiiiiiiired. But, with a positive attitude, pretty much anything is accomplishable!

Speaking of accomplishable, we had an assignment in my creative writing class to make up words, also known as neologisms. Basically a neologism is a new word, or a word composed of two other words. For example, lovedrunk, skullcrushing and shockvertising. A lot of neologisms are slang I would say, but they are emerging in poetry and prose nowadays to add some flavor to writing. Anywho, I made up "accomplishable" I think just there...that's what sparked this tangent. It's an English FYI for y'all. Keep your brains sharp, make up some words every now and then!


  1. I love the attitude thing... it's something to think about every day... we choose how we feel in every moment.

  2. Thanks Laura - I quite enjoy creating words ;)

    Thanks Ker for commenting and agreeing!