Monday, November 28, 2011


Last week, I got the chance to see the legendary Trevor Linden speak at the Evergreen Cultural Center in Coquitlam as part of a leadership conference series of speakers. He was an excellent speaker; he had a great speech prepared, and even though I'm sure it's the same speech he has done numerous times, he made it seem like it was natural and not repetitive. He was intellectual, funny and kept an audiences attention. He told stories about being a 21 Captain of an NHL team and how challenging it was. He talked about the differences in the NHL from when he started 20 years ago to when he retired a few years ago - that was pretty funny! He spoke on goal setting and the importance of it, as well as being a leader and making decisions. I should have blogged about it right away, since I'm forgetting the details, but regardless it was great! I'd recommend seeing him speak if you get the chance. Plus he's pretty darn cute!


  1. Sounds amazing Shan!! I love talented and eloquent yet humble people :)

  2. Totally talented yet humble! Very admirable!