Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Pics

Lil sis & I en route to our Halloween party

Harj & I were football players...we wanted to be something easy to dress up as and something comfy! Voila.

Rebecca & Brendon that I work with

Harj & Edward Scissorhands -  he was kinda creepy

Dave that I work with and his Star Wars crew (Star Trek?! Who knows! haha)

This would be the Vanilla Ice rap battle I participated in. Yup. I'm cool.


  1. Dear Shannon Spier. There is a very big difference between Star WARS and Star TREK. Star Wars is cool, Star Trek is not. If you at any point require any clarification or have any questions about the amazingness that is Star Wars I would be happy to educate you. :)

    Love your friend who dressed up as Princess Leia (from Star Wars) for Halloween for about 5 years in a row and still has all the Star Wars figurines and who went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Seattle Science Centre just last year. No I am not a total nerd (OK maybe just a bit... )

  2. Keri, dear, my sincere apologies!! I am not going to lie, you are slightly nerdy, but I like you that way ;) (but seriously, you went to a conference??????) I just have never gotten into either of the "Stars" and don't know much about them. Star Trek is the dudes with funny ears in blue and red suits, right?!