Sunday, November 20, 2011

thing i've been up to!

It really stresses me out when I can't blog very often - is that a sign of addiction?! It also stresses me out slightly that the blogger interface has changed. As I am typing this, I'm a little confused. Apparently they've made it easier to use? We'll see about that...

I haven't been up to anything too wild and crazy lately, just some fun little events but mostly work and school. I'm done housesitting my buddy Riley dog - the next house sitting gig is in the beginning of December and then also the end of December. I am seriously considering starting a business - I'm never gonna need to more out of my parents house - wahoo!!

Here are some random pictures of what I've been up to :)

Dave, Harj & I having a good ol' margarita at Las Margaritas

Harj & I

Mmmm... enchiladas

SPIDER HARJ! (at Wal Mart on an Xmas tree excursion...see below...)

Dave picking out his very own first Christmas tree for his place

So many Christmas ornaments, how to choose?!

Just another Sunday night, Dave & I browsing the spice racks at Wal Mart

Dave putting his "star" on top of his tree....

...and voila! Dave's tree is complete!

Last Monday's chili dinner - I called the veggie one "fall chili" b/c it had turnips, potatoes, corn & broccoli in it! Yum. Oh and a meat one for the meat-atarians.

Did anyone know Pants could do his own laundry?!?!

An inservice at work, fun times in the pool!!

My cute sister & Elissa at school in the SNOW!

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