Wednesday, December 21, 2011

australian breaky

My girlies and I had a slumber party last night, complete with a grand ol' breakfast this morning. It was so delicious! Thanks to Heidi, Lindsay & Christina for a fun evening of far too much food and not enough sleep (Shannon standards) - love you gals.

This was a breakfast Heidi ate lots when she was in Australia not too long ago: rye bread with eggs, tomato, avocado and hollandaise sauce. Oh, and bacon for the non-veggies! We had hashbrowns to top it off, please espresso coffees. SO YUMMY! Thanks Chef Heidi & Lindsay - I barely did anything!! We did take a group shop with the 4 of us in it but it wasn't on my camera or anyone elses phone so it wasn't easily accessible - I will post a photo once I get them sent to me. Don't worry, I like to take pictures with actual people in them too sometimes!

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