Monday, December 12, 2011

Chuckanut Drive

My good friend Nicole & I went for a nice little drive down to Burlington for some Christmas shopping on Sunday afternoon. Oh, and I can't forget Lexi the puppy too! It was gorgeously sunny so we decided to take the scenic route - I have been to the states a bajillion times and have never taken Chuckanut drive. It was perfect timing as the sun was going down. The drive kind of reminded me of the Sea to Sky highway that goes to Whistler - totally recommend it as a must-do drive. Nicole also was super sweet and had bought me a random gift! It's a fancy schmancy snorkel & mask key chain - totally up my alley & makes my keys look so fun now. Thanks so much friend for thinking of me :) xoxo

The bubbles from the snorkel are diamonds - bling bling!

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