Thursday, December 8, 2011

happy bday fer fer!


My baby sister is 20 years young today - wow, that makes me feel so old! Us clan of 3 are now all in our 20's. Weird. Anyways, it's still before midnight so this officially counts as a birthday post for her! I hope you have a fabulous year Fer Fer because you deserve it. You are the bestest sister ever, my pinning & tweeting buddy; you bring me coffee or lunch or anything else when I have bad days, you cheer me up when I am blue and you are just nerdy enough that it's pretty cool ;) Check out this picture - it's SO raven!


Your boyfriend Charlie says sorry he forgot to get you a year!

Simon says he got you flowers but they're in the yard...and you have to pick them yourself...

PS - I am house sitting these two adorable puppies! Charlie who I think is a labradoodle & Simon the black lab. They are uber cute dogs!

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