Monday, December 26, 2011

Merrrrrrry Christmas!

Christmas is always a fun day to hang out with the fam and eat lots - two of my very favorite activities to do! I will illustrate our day in photos. Warning: there are lots! I hope everyone had a lovely day and is hopefully enjoying a few days off work to relax. I really don't look all that lovely in my colorful PJ's but whatevs, that's life!! Comfy attire is what I live for.

PS - this is just a very small snippet of photos we have...please let me know if you would like the FULL slide show and you can come on over!

Pant's playing his harmonica Lil Sis & I got him - his idol is Survivorman who has one...

Pants teaching my mom how to work her funky new cell phone - she can access "the Google" now!

Lil' Sis & I got perfume - she got Juicy & I got Coach.

Doing the smell test.

Emma got a new toy which she proceeded to destroy in about 10 minutes.

How I spent most of the afternoon...loungin' away!

Pants trying on his new shift for me but then chasing after me whilst I try to get a photo!

My dad decided he wanted to brine the turkey this year - this is him watching a Youtube video on it. He made the turkey entirely by himself!! Impressive.

Part of our traditional Christmas breakfast - cinnamon buns.

Lil Sis & I

My artistic iPhone photography

At Aunty Daphnes for dinner -  mom & lil sis

Riley & Harley

The Spier children

Oma and lil sis

Pants & Riley

Aunty Coralee & I

The family shot, minus a few; overall not bad, a little sickness incident didn't stop the photo! Even Harley made it in!

Now, I'm laying in bed with my new cranberry scented candle (it smells fantastic) and watching my new TV :) Sweet dreams!!

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  1. Nice pictures Shann!! Merry Christmas to all the Spiers :)