Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tie Collector

Last week Tuesday was Opa's funeral at the church. It was a really nice service that was exactly what he wanted and there were tons of people who came! I think the church seats 250 and it was almost full except for a few balcony seats remaining. My cousin Adrien & I spoke at it and I think we touched on all the highlights of our memories with Opa. He was a great guy who helped anyone everyone and loved to cook. I will always remember his yummy homemade soups. I think my favorites were minestrone and cream of leek :) Afterwards we had a nice family lunch at White Spot and some of the boys had a drink for Opa - a nice cold beer, just as he would have had! I will miss Opa and all his great qualities but know that he is happy in heaven.

Uncle Mike, my dad & Pants

Then, we went back to Oma's house and went through a bunch of old photo albums. It was lots of fun reminiscing of good times. We found Opa's gigantic tie collection - who knew he has THIS many ties!!

This is a very, very small percentage of all his ties. All classicly tied in a double Windsor.

Pants is going to rock the Christmas snowman tie this year
And Opa's Hyack jacket :)

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