Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Very Merry Book Club Christmas

It was our annual book club Christmas dinner last week and we sure do know how to eat & drink! We laugh a lot and it's always too much fun. We do a Secret Santa gift exchange as well - my Santa got me a cool "portable desk" for my laptop that is so practical. It drives me crazy when my laptop gets so warm and then my legs start sweating from it so this won't happen anymore. Thanks 'Liza! Whoops, I mean, Santa!

Our giant spread of food...I think there was even more in the oven at this point!

My prettily wrapped gift!

Janessa wearing my bow as a headband

The girls! Top L-R: Me, Keri, Eliza; Bottom L-R: Lisa, Min & Amanda

An outtake from the group shot...not sure whose it was to do a human pyramid?!

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