Sunday, January 8, 2012

Etiquette - Tip #2

Today's Etiquette tip was inspired by a lovely dinner out tonight for Lindsay's birthday at Milestones. Her birthday isn't until Tuesday, so you will see the official birthday post then. See,  so many birthdays in January!!

It was a really fun night with myself, my sister, Lindsay, Nicole, Heidi, Lori (Lindsay's sister) and some girls Lindsay works with. We had some wine & appies at Lindsay's place before hand which work out really well now that she a) has a bottle opener and b) has somewhat learned to enjoy white wine!! Once we were at dinner I told the girls about my dear book I got for Christmas; Nicole inquired about utensil placement, so Nicole, here is what my book says!

When it comes to holding and resting your utensils, there is the American way or the Continental (or European) way. Both are correct and can be used in any situation; you basically use whatever you are comfortable with. The method for cutting food is the same for both, however the differences for holding & resting can be seen in the images below: (I wasn't about to explain this - pictures were much simpler! You may need to enlarge them though)

Resting & holding utensils

How to place utensils once done - note that the knife blade needs to be pointing inwards in the top image.

It's difficult for me to sum up the whole paragraph about these because they go into a lot of detail - did you know the prongs on a fork are called tines? Me neither! The reasoning for these placements are to signal for the servers or hosts when you are done your meal so they can collect your plate; the placement of the utensils (same for both American & Continental styles) when finished also makes it easy for the server to reach for your plate and place their thumb on the utensils so they do not fall. Don't forget to say "Please excuse me" if you need to leave the table at any point (or for children, "May I please be excused?") and at the end of the meal remember to offer your thanks for the meal.

...To be continued with "Etiquette - Tip #3" at some point this week! Below are a few images from our evening out for Lindsay's birthday tonight:

Lindsay, Nicole & Lori

Lori, Lindsay, Heidi & Lil Sis

Birthday cake!!!

For "Etiquette - Tip #1" & to learn more about my etiquette book, click here!

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