Thursday, January 19, 2012

the ideal shannon job

Warning: text heavy post! And no pictures...sorry...

I have been really hardcore into the tweeting these days - for whatever reason, it`s just so amusing to me! I love the frequency of it and I love the potential it could have for companies. I know people argue that it is TOO frequent and "why does everyone need to know what you are doing ever 4 seconds?" is what I hear all the time. However, newsflash here, people don't just tweet about what they are doing at present time!! People tweet about current events in the media, international news, sales at local restaurants, healthy lifestyle tips - you name it, it's probably tweeted about. I started with tweeting personally and now I am also tweeting for Newton Fastpitch (which my daddio is the President of) as well as for my favorite YMCA. I really feel that tweeting is an awesome way to cheaply reach a lot of people. And it's not necessarily the followers of the person tweeting who sees your message ("tweet"), if anyone "retweets" your tweet their followers will now see what you said. All it takes is a few retweets and you are golden! Plus, it's a great time-waster in class to scroll through Twitter and see whats new, I'm not going to lie. Or when you are laying in bed and can't sleep...

This leads me to my next point. I love social media. In no way do I want to do marketing or lead an advertising campaign, but I would love to be a professional blogger, tweeter and facebook-er. Can someone create me that job please?? It would be flexible; I could lay in bed at 3 am and work; I could travel. Also, if we could incorporate some sort of reading books into this job, that would be much appreciated. Oh! And a really wicked salary and the ability to wear fancy suits. Please. And last thing, food & wine would be nice?!

This is a natural segue into the article I read in the Globe & Mail  in regards to older generations learning about social media from younger generations in the workplace. The context this article is written in is that upper management is being mentored by people who report to them, as opposed to the typical way we would think of mentoring: the wiser, older crew generating their wisdom downwards and teaching others. We actually just discussed mentoring and coaching in class this evening so this whole post is just being tied together in a million ways now! Mentoring can be such a powerful way to build people not only in the workplace but as individuals as well, which I personally think would be a goal of a lot of management. I think mentoring has a denotation to it that; people tend to think of it as a "self-help" type approach to learning however it is so much more than that! I think it's beneficial in many situations as a learning tool in an informal setting. Formal mentoring seems a little too intense to me, but having someone to guide, influence and teach is an ideal situation.

Anywho, I'm off to bed now...7 am shifts at work come FAR too early for this night owl!! Sweet dreams!

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  1. i like this! and you should start your own biz-natch! you would be amazing!