Tuesday, January 24, 2012

me + numbers = nadda

The purpose of this post if simply to emphasize how much I hate accounting classes. They are 3 hours long. I can handle about the first hour, give or take, and can do the practice questions and whatnot, fine. Hour 2 - I half heartedly watch the instructor do the practice questions on the board. Hour 3 - I text, facebook & tweet. I have such a short attention span for this crap that I can't help it!! I even get coffee on our break in hopes that it will give me lots of energy to perhaps WANT to try the questions, but nope. Nadda.

Anywho, I am looking forward to the month of February. Contrary to popular belief, that is NOT because of Valentines Day (which I now know as the day I eat heart shaped pizza at Boston Pizza with my sister & and other girls who want to join us). My buddy from Toronto Kristina is coming here soon which will be super duper fun & then two weeks after that I go to Arizona! I'm so excited for both of these events!!

This does, however, put a cramp in my homework schedule. It means I need to be extraordinarily on top of my school stuff so that I can optimize my play time. This means I should get off my lil' blog and go finish my case study...au revoir! (FYI, case studies I can handle - they're just time consuming! I like word-related things. Not number related.)


  1. sweet! is kristina going to arizona too?

  2. I'm down with heart shape pizza with you & Little Spiers Valentine's Day <3

  3. Yay Liza!!! I will text you with details :) The baby is going to come too!

    Heid - nope, it's me, my sis, JC & Amanda going to Arizona. Kristina has gone home now :(