Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Friend Keri

I just realized that I did not do a birthday post for my dear friend, and avid blog follower Keri on January 3rd. She was very anti-birthday and anti-age, so instead of gushing about a how I hope she has a fabulous year blah blah blah, I will just tell you the things I like about her. Keri & I met back in the day (probably 9 years ago now I guess?) at the good ol' YMCA. When I refer to my "book club girls" this includes Keri! Here are some things I love about her:

- Similar to how I use exclamation marks excessively, she uses smiley faces excessively! :) 
- She regularly checks my blog and not only does she read it, she comments ALL the time with great, meaningful comments (no pressure here for the future, Ker)
- She is very positive in her way of thinking
- She is very logical & realistic
- She loves her family lots
- She is always willing to drive out to Surrey & Langley when we have book club "meetings"!!
- She likes country music & Coronas; which I like too :) 

Happy birthday Keri, love ya! xoxo

Keri & I in Mexico, circa 2009 (great times had there!!)


  1. Awwww... thanks Shann!!!! I think you are amazing too :) And I do love reading your blog!!

  2. I think this picture is hilarious because I think I originally tagged you and I as "gave up on straight hair"... What an absolutely amazing trip that was!! Seriously so many great memories :)