Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day Fam Jam

Our annual family dinner with my mom's side was last night at our house. It rotates who hosts it each year through the four Bradley children so this was our turn. We had almost every single family member here, except cousin Steve. We ate some ham (well, everyone excluding me did!), potatoes, veggies & Aunty Lorna's famous jello casserole which I tried to google a similar picture of but it's a tricky one to find!! We also drank some punch which inevitably got spiked with vodka in our own cups. The baby of the clan, Keira, is up and walking around and loved following Emma. Since we don't have any kiddie toys around the house, Emma's dog toys and the Christmas decorations sufficed for her! Lil' sis and I also tried to get some cousins on the Twitter band wagon with us...but no cigar there... #hashtag! I know I say this frequently about my immediate family, but I think the trend carries throughout my extended family too: we are a pretty cool family overall, if I do say so myself! Love you all :)

My dad likes to take action shot photos (ie: while you are shoving a forkful of peas in your mouth); where I prefer the more posed & smiling ones. Below are some of both of our snapshots!

Dani, me & Gina

Jen, Emma & Keira playing with Rudolph

Uncle Dave, Uncle Don & Grandpa

Robyn, Keira & Graham

Kristen, Aunty Josie & Grandma

Uncle Bruce & Aunty Catherine

Gina, Lil Sis & Colin

Keira and her big blue eyes

Mom, Aunty Josie & Aunty Catherine make sure dinner is ready

Keira found the dogs toy collection!

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