Friday, January 20, 2012

you likey my changes?

Since I am in love with Twitter, you lovely blog readers can now see my tweets to the right! --> 

I made a bunch of other changes in terms of my blog layout, heading & title sizes, and a few other things that I can't remember specifically. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Do we like this book background? Or is it time to switch it up? I can't decide if I want to keep one consistent background and have a sort of "brand" to my blog that is "recognizable" as Shannon's blog or if I want to keep changing it to just a variety of things I like?? Opinions please?

Gracias amigas!

NOW I'm going to sleep for real... xoxo


  1. Woah! Its so cool that you can see your tweets -I'm a big fan of that!!

  2. thanks ferf!!! think i should keep the book background or switch it up??

  3. nice! now if you don't blog we can still see what's happening in the the life of shannon! #TLOS ;)