Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Blonde on a Budget"

I came across this blog today (again, via my daily reading of the Globe & Mail) and was naturally interested by the post entitled "Why I'll Never Have a Big Wedding".  As you know, wedding things always intrigue me so I read on via this blog post. Her point is that if you can save up $20,000 for a wedding where you are "supposed to" do alllll of these things (provide a meal, provide entertainment etc.) why wouldn't you use that money as a down payment for a house? She uses this infographic to provide us with the expensive details of weddings these days. At the end of the day, I agree weddings are expensive and it's an avoidable cost for some, but I don't think anyone in this world could convince me to not have one. Sorry Mom & Dad!

As it turns out, this girls entire blog is really interesting!! (read here: The description of her blog is this: "Blonde on a Budget is a twenty-something's journey from being a maxed out, overindulging idiot to becoming a balanced and financially sound woman.Starting Debt: Approx. -$28,115 Current Debt: Approx. -$17,200"

I really feel like I can relate to trying to be money conscious and all the things she talks about (well, in the several recent posts I read!) are really interesting and I pretty much could have written myself (haha). I like how she has opened her life up to blog to have someone/something accountable for her spending. Good for her!! I'm impressed.


  1. I don't know how or why I just came across this blog post, but I'm so happy I did! It's not always such a black & white decision to not want a big wedding. And, the truth is, I could end up marrying a guy who has a huge family and extra cash to help w/ such an event. But where my head is at right now, I still can't imagine spending a huge chunk of change on a wedding. (Also, my family probably wouldn't help... so that's another motivator to elope, hehe.) Thanks for this mention, Shannon! :)

    1. You are welcome! I really love reading your blog - I can really relate to all things financial that you talk about...except I can't blog about it or my parents would kill me! (haha)

      Weddings are such a huge part of my life right now because everyone & their dog that I know is getting married - it's always interesting to hear different points of views about them.

      Keep up the great blog :)