Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Generation Screwed"

I found the below infographic on a friend's Facebook page & also thought it was interesting! Let me just say that this is what happens when I am home sick from work: I read random things on the internet and online shop. My bank account is hoping I get better soon. Basically, this article is a graphically appeasing way to look at the 18-29 year old generation called the Millennials. This generation (myself included) is said to be the most educated in history yet have the highest unemployed rate yet when it comes to their field of education. What I like about these statements is the unreal expectations that we have. It's so true, we expect so much these days from a job: high pay, tons of vacation time, the ability to work from home, quick promotions, extreme happiness in our jobs and much more. We can't be happy in our jobs unless it's perfect. Yes, I am definitely generalizing, but I do think that the work ethic nowadays is much different than it was x years ago. I know that the world is changing, and times are much different than they used to be, but where did we get such a sense of entitlement to these amazing jobs from? I think that hard work is something to be highly valued. I will be honest is saying that I do want all of the aforementioned "ideals" and a perfect job that I am over the moon happy in, but I am also willing to work for it, go to school and fairly receive those things as they come. A strong work ethic is hard to come by these days, so hang onto it if you've got it! Generation Screwed
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