Sunday, February 12, 2012

meet my friend neocitrin.

I realized I never blogged about the weekend Kristina was here from T dot. It was so much fun to see her and hang out with all our girls; we danced, ate, had some drinks, chatted til the cows came home and laughed more than I've laughed in a while. I love them all so much, plus I love my siblings. I love that they are friends with all my friends and that we all hang out together. I am a very lucky girl to have such great friends and such great siblings!! Love you all to bits.

What else is new, you ask? Well. I have an accounting mid term tomorrow that I have barely studied for... whoops... don't worry, it's not worth a lot. I was babysitting my lil' pal Sophie (see below!) and she is such a good baby. I love to snuggle her. I cannot wait to have babies of my own one day!!

Now, as of today, I have a sinus infection that has spread to my chest. And a wicked cough. It hurts to breathe! I got some meds so I am drugged up now. I am downing neocitrin like it is going out of style. My family says they can tell that I am genuinely sick because I don't talk as much; then there was talk of how nice it was! Thanks guys :/

Now, for some photos from our party weekend with Kristina. We hung out with so many people on the weekend: Min, Keri, Amanda, Lisa, Lisa's kids, JC, Lil' Sis, Pants, Jessica, Erin, Stu and Eliza even made a guest appearance from Thailand! (she came home on Monday morning and Kristina & Chris left Tuesday morning) I am sure there are more people we hung out with but that's just to name a few of the clan.

JC, me & Amanda heading to Sandbar

Lil Sis & JC in the limo being goofballs

Kristina's friend Erin from T dot & I

Lil sis & I

Miss Fashionista Janessa in my Nine West patent pumps

Kristina, Amanda & I

Erin & Riley dog!

Stu, Chris, Kristina & Erin @ Republic on Bob Marley's bday - such good dancing!!!

Eliza & Kristina - notice how tanned Eliza is!! 3 weeks in the tropics will do that to ya...

Dinner at Tasty Indian Bistro in Surrey - it's new and really nice inside! The decor is Cactus Club style and really nice; the food is delish too. This was my vegetarian entree with aloo gobi (potatoes & cauliflower; left), shahi paneer (cheese in a butter chicken type sauce; middle), dhal (lentils) and basmati rice. Served with naan bread! I definitely recommend it as it's well priced too. Website:

Chai tea

Chris tried to get the statues digits...he was unsucessful

The boy statue wanted to pose with the ladies - me, Kristina, Amanda & Eliza


  1. I know hey...I need to get it cut so badly!!! Although I wish I had nice thick hair and could keep it long :(