Wednesday, February 8, 2012

oh happy day!

I got a new laptop today from my fabulous parents! Mine had really had the bickens - I had brought it to the doctors far too often and the wi-fi didn't work so I always had to use the internet through my phone which was annoying. This wi-fi works beautifully & the computer runs super duper fast so far. My old one was an HP and although it was a pretty looking laptop (sleek, shiny, all black & chrome), it didn't do me too well. I have had some friends who have had troubles with HP's as well so this time we went with an Acer. I've heard good things about them and Lil' Sis had her trusty Acer for quite a few years. It's still kickin' but she has ditched it for her Mac now. (Me? I'm a PC girl at heart)

Call me a geek, but I love the feeling of setting up all my internet bookmarks, arranging my desktop icons, rearranging all my folders, choosing a new 'look' for my while I should have been working on a group project, I've been arranging some thangs up in here! I am so excited to have a high functioning computer and am so grateful for my parents who bought it for me. They are really the best!!!

Hopefully now I can resume my regular blogging. Oh how I miss it! I wish I could blog from my phone. Well, I can, but it only lets me type; it doesn't let me upload pictures. And we all know pictures are the beef of a post!! (or carrots if you are like me...) 

Here is my new baby:

A black & white Brooklyn Bridge is the background du jour

Ah! I can already see a fingerprint...

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