Thursday, March 29, 2012

baby rietkerk

Baby in the house - one of my besties Heidi & her hubby Timmy are having a little bambino October 12!!!! I can so extremely excited & proud to be an auntie. Check out the baby's latest photo shoot on Heidi's blog at:

I am so excited to have a friend who has a little belly and needs to shop for maternity clothes - yay for stretchy pants ALL the time Heid!! I am also excited to meet my little niece/nephew and snuggle lots and LOTS. You will be an adorable baby and loved so much by so many, including me!

Naturally, Binz & I will be fabulous aunts, and with our fashion sense combined with Heid's, this baby may actually be TOO stylish. Check out the most adorable things I found:

Obviously baby Uggs are in order.

Need I say more other than Dior?

OMG, your child is DEFS going to rock this manly cardigan sweater with the below sandals. I love it. He is so trendy already! (or she...)

This is what she will wear when I take her swimming. Love the color! (Baby Gap!) Also, I will be rocking a matching one in adult size.
Classy at a young age - she will be styling in pearls.

Came across these in my Google searches - cute!

Yeehaw ;)

Baller Jordans

Classic Adidas Superstars - we can all rock 'em together

Funky Adidas Superstars! I feel like Tim would approve simply because of the fun colors.

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  1. wow! you're amazing! haha adorable finds!! well done auntie shanny!