Saturday, March 10, 2012

budgets anyone?

I have a GIANT project due on Monday at 7 pm that is worth 30% of my Managerial Accounting class final mark. Ahhhhh!! <-- that is what goes through my head when I think about it. It is a huge project and of course, I am still working on the majority of it. I have a super fun party to go to tomorrow night though, you may remember it from last year by clicking here for the pictures. It's a fundraiser through a girl from work for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and we get to wear SARIS at an Indian style party party!! I'm excited. Plus, it's Lil' sis's first time ever wearing one so that will be a fun experience. I will ensure I blog about the party and the fabulous outfits and jewelery.

I have SO much I want to blog about - I could go on for pages & pages about Phoenix & Vegas, but that will come in due time. I will give you the full photographic experience, don't you worry. In due time, young grasshoppers.

I am off to bed because I have an early morning room booked at SFU Surrey to study & do homework with Lil Sis.

Can I just reiterate how excited I am to NEVER have to take accounting classes again after this semester???!!

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