Saturday, March 17, 2012

fried pickles.

I went to Sip in Vancity this evening and I am officially in love with fried pickles.

Don't jump to conclusions here folks, it sounds a little weird, but it's SOOOO delicious. I find them similar to zoo sticks at White Spot (zucchini sticks) with the battered exterior that they have, plus being pickles they have a good crunch to them. Oh man, my mouth is watering again just picturing them. I've mentioned Sip on here before and that time I fell in love with the perogies - so now I have two foods I need to continue to go there for!

{not the actual pickles - but they look similar!!}

Hahaha, I came across this randomly when googling "fried pickles" & thought it was humorous

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