Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"have your cake, but don't tweet it too"

Oh the Globe and Mail, how proper you are! I thought this article by Ivor Tossell was hilarious because it is practically aimed right at me. This article is a commentary piece on how the author hates how we have become a society who cannot eat a meal at a restaurant, have a glass of wine at home, or fry something fun at home without taking a picture and inevitably putting on some form of social media. His point is that we simply upload a photo nowadays without any thoughtful text or valid discussion with it; he says: "But simple observations need to earn their keep. They should add something to the conversation. Food isn't exempt from the standards of reasonable interesting-ness that govern other subjects"

Where I understand what this man is trying to explain, that we have become lazy, yet I do not agree. I, for one, love to cook something up and take a picture of it and then tweet it. Do I REALLY need to write a thoughtful discussion on my pizza I made?! I simply like to share what I have made; be it for the recipe, the creative aspect of it, the ability to show people what I can do, or whatever it is! I am very into food, so I really like it when other people post about food as well. Perhaps that is just me though? Or perhaps it's only a select few of us? I didn't realize some people felt so strongly about food pictures!! Oh well, I will continue to blog/facebook/tweet my food images with or without a thought attached, who knows. An interesting read for an article for sure! Read here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/technology/digital-culture/ivor-tossell/have-your-cake-but-dont-tweet-it-too/article2359740/

PS - in spite of this article, below are a few food items we ate while in Arizona & Vegas!! haha

A falafel gyro at the Mariner game

JC's dad made the SUPER yummy dinner of grilled veggie salad with saffron dressing, blackened cod and a tofu & veggie dish. It was so amazing I cannot even describe.

Breakfast in Vegas at Peppermill. Hit the spot majorly.

Dinner before Drake - a giant quesadilla with avocado. Yum. There was fantastic salsa at this place! And good Coronas :)


  1. Shan I love your food pictures!! Especially things you made!! :) Keep posting :)

    1. Also - it won't let me leave a comment for your trip post... but it looks AMAZING!!!

  2. (for both comments!) Weird it wouldn't let you post a comment...I'll investigate. I downloaded the app to be able to blog from my phone but it's not always compatible with the internet version of my blog which sucks. So maybe that's why...