Monday, March 26, 2012

oh, to be young again

Another year, another number...I have officially turned the big 2-7 today since it's past midnight. I think this is where I can no longer say "mid twenties"; I have to say "late twenties" when referring to my age in general. WOWZERS! Anywho, I had a fun weekend (regardless of getting old) and did lots!

On Friday, I went for dinner with my fam to the Washington Avenue Grill in White Rock and had delicious dinner. I thought I took a picture of the pretty beach view but apparently I didn't?! Whoops. This dinner was much needed after the gong show that was work that day...long story short, an acid delivery truck (acid is used in the pools to maintain pH) was leaking in our parking lot upon delivery. In order to be on the safe side, we called EMS and in response received almost every emergency vehicle in the city. Literally. We had the deputy fire chief, the police chief, the haz mat fire truck, about 8 police cars, about 4 regular fire trucks, 2 ambulances...need I continue? We had to evacuate the building for everyones safety, again to be on the safe side, and the Y ended up being closed for the remainder of the day on Friday and all day Saturday. The chemical was all neutralized and everything is good to go now! Quite the experience, needless to say.

On Saturday, I worked. This consisted of sitting at the front door and telling a bajillion people we were closed. Then, a bunch of peeps from work went to Browns and Mirage for my birthday. Tons of fun was had, and perhaps a few too many shots...

JC & I rockin' matching denim jackets

Harj, Amanda, me & JC

This picture was NOT working to rotate but I loved it so much I posted it upside down. I thought maybe it could be artistic?!

Today, I went car shopping with my poppa. Oh, did I mention that I officially sold my car? Within less than 24 hours of me posting my craigslist ad, it was sold and gone from my driveway. So sad, but I think he has a great new home to someone who will give him the attention he needs. I really liked a red 2008 Honda Fit that we saw today so I'll keep you posted on what the latest is with my purchase decision. After car shopping, I went to dinner at Pelagos in Crescent Beach with my book club girls. Such fun - we also saw the slideshow of photos from Eliza & Justins's wild adventure to Cambodia & Thailand. Holy moly, it was so beautiful. Justin, you take some mighty fine photos. I told Eliza you should send some to National Geographic -- seriously! They rode elephants, hiked, stayed in a tiny village, got a million massages, ate coconut curry, biked...the list goes on. So cool! I wish I had some photos to post on here to show y'all their fantastic.

The view from sitting in traffic on the Port Mann bridge

Crescent Beach sunset

Keri made yummy birthday cupcakes for me!!

Now, I am heading to bed with dreams of sleeping in allllll morning tomorrow! Then, lunch with Heidi, Binz & Nicole and then good ol' school. THEN Boston Pizza for a late night drink and snack. Good times shall be had.

Thanks to everyone who has made an effort to make me feel like a special person on my birthday - you're the best! xoxo

PS - sorry...this post turned out to be farrrrrr longer than originally intended! But, it's my birthday so don't hate.

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