Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's a sad day in Shannonland: my beloved car is for sale. I don't remember when I bought it, but it has been a solid 7 years at least. It has done me well, traveled me many a time all over town, gotten me a few too many speeding tickets, heard far too many interesting conversations and made me have patience with spending money on tires. It just needs a few things done to it that I don't have time/money to put into it; but it will be awesome for someone who wants a little project to do make it super nice again. It does have great features and is a fast little car, but our time has come. Onwards and upwards....I guess?!

Craigslist posting:

Some good times in the GTI...(I could post lots but figured I would just put up a select few!)

A sunny day after being washed

Lil sis & I had to shove 5 semi-deflated dingys in the backseat after a lovely summer at the lakehouse

My car ALWAYS asked to go through the Timmys drive could I say no?!

Binz, Heid & I cruising in the backseat en route downtown for Heid's stagette

Just another day being parked at the Y! (I took this because I got a ticket for being parked too close to the lot entrance...)

Janessa being a goof in the backseat en route to Cultas lake a few summers back

I hope you go to a great new owner car!!! Love you long time.


  1. aw such great memories in that car! too many slurpee runs to count!

  2. oh so many slurpee runs! and candy runs, mcdonalds runs... :) it even drove to Harrison for your wedding with bobble thingys on it but I couldn't find that picture sadlY :(