Tuesday, March 13, 2012

trip of a lifetime

I feel like I probably say this about every trip I go on, but seriously, this trip could not have been more fun! It's been a week ago today since we returned from our sunny adventure, but with the amount that the four of us talk about it and make silly inside jokes it feels like we are still there. Amanda, JC, Lil' Sis and I all get along so well. It made travelling for four hours to Vegas in a car so fun (well, 7.5 on the way back when you take the wrong freeway...) and we all love to sing to good tunes to keep us entertained. Between all four of our phones and one regular camera, we have a TON of pictures so I thought I would share a few more with y'all of our trip to Phoenix and Vegas, aka Rack City.

Before we move on to photos, I am DONE my budget project! Hooray! It is worth 30% of my grade which really stresses me out because when it comes to accounting, I never feel confident with anything. I had an in-class case study last week worth 15% of my grade on the night of my Oma's funeral in accounting and I was so unsure of how I did; as I always am in that class but it turns out I got 84%! I was thrilled. I am way better at things that include written work as opposed to just numbers or financial statements; I can explain things and debate pros/cons waaay better than crunch numbers. Now, as for the budget project...who knows...it's done now. No lie, I stayed up until 6:30 am this morning working on it. Then woke up at 10 am again. How hardcore is that?! (well, or how dumb is it to leave so much of a major project 'til the last minute...) I digress. Back to photos!

Nothin like a good cup o' joe from the 'bucks to start a sunny day off

I'm such a sucker for scenic shots. I admit, they are much prettier in person, but I love the blue and the green contrast!

The four gals stopped at a scenic view en route to Las Vegas!

Again, such pretty sky!
Las Vegas Blvd

JC & I were determined to swim at every pool we went to. This one was freeeeezing since the sun had gone down already!

Amanda & I on the strip

Lil sis & I at Margaritaville
JC & Lil sis gettin' ready for the eve (like our hotel room view??) We stayed at the Wynn - soooo nice 

Dancin shoes

We went to a Mariners preseason game in Phoenix

Me, Lil sis & JC's dad at the game

relaxin by the pool

Dinner before the Drake concert

Pictures at concerts never turn out; but Drake is in this picture somewhere! Look hard!

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