Sunday, April 1, 2012

new wheels

I officially own a vehicle again! I bought a little 2008 Honda Fit yesterday. It is kinda like the Honda version of an economy car, so it's not super duper speedy or powerful, but it is practical and economical. It's five speed, red and has lots of little compartments and space in it. I filled up the tank yesterday from very empty and it was only $52!! (compared to my $90 VW...) I am excited to see how long it takes to go through one tank, but hopefully it will overall be better on gas than I'm used to. This car is a 4 door - which is exciting for all my future backseat passengers!

This is it!

This is its first ever drive through Tim Hortons!

And its first cup of Shannon-style coffee (I didn't win RUTR sadly...)


  1. Congrats Shan!!! Can't wait to get a ride in the new car :)

  2. ooo she's sooo pretty!!!! it is a she right?