Thursday, April 12, 2012

parking lot

It was a big day at the Spier house! Pants' old, falling apart, yucky brown color 1991 Ford Explorer no longer sits in our driveway taking up valuable parking real estate. It had sat in its lovely parking lot spot for just over two whole years, and it was causing quite the tension in our family. It is extremly frustrating coming home and having to park a block away from your house simply because the useless truck was sitting in a driveway spot.

So, for whatever reason, Pants sold it to a wrecker today - much to our excitement! Why today, I have no idea what his motivation was since I've been harassing him about it for two years..

We can now almost fit all 5 of our cars in our driveway! (yes, we have 5 people and 5 cars...)

Bye bye truck!!

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