Sunday, April 15, 2012


My breakfast this morning was delish - scrambled eggs with sharp cheddar, spinach and refried beans on a whole grain tortilla shell. I usually eat eggs in the form of breakfast burritos, but I ate this one pizza style and baked it a bit. I was thinking that it actually would have been really yummy with pizza sauce too! Next time.

Then, I was doing some blog reading this morning and came across a cool article on recipes to make with spinach! Take a read here, there's some cool ones I want to try plus just some general ideas that I don't think of day to day. (PS - I found this article via this blog)

I haven't been cooking very much lately and it makes me sad. I really enjoy cooking a lot but have been consumed with school, fun and work lately. I even got three cookbooks for my birthday which I am super excited to try a bunch of new recipes!! I got a vegetarian one from this travelling duo, the rooster sauce cookbook that I blogged about a while back from my fantastic fam and then this Latin cookbook from JC. Her dad made us a bunch of these flavorful recipes when we were in Arizona and they were to die for. I love a little ethnic flair! I'm super excited to start trying some new recipes from these books - I will definitely blog about it, don't you worry. I'm picturing yummy, fun dinners by the lake this summer...

 I'm headed off to a staff meeting now - have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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  1. I hope I get to enjoy one of those dinners at the lake house ;)