Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today I worked early (7 am) and as much as I hate being up so early, I love being off early in the day and being able to come home and relax. I came home, immediately put my pj's on, started some laundry (including my bedsheets - looooove sleeping in clean bedsheets!) and then started dinner. I haven't cooked in a while, so I just stuck with making this family fave. (classy chicken casserole)

Now, dinner is in the oven, I have clean laundry to fold and I can relax on the couch. I love a good relaxing afternoon! Since my classes are done for the semester, I feel like I can truly relax. When you're in school, it feels like there is ALWAYS something you could be doing: studying, reading, practicing questions, starting papers etc. It's a weighing feeling knowing that you don't truly have a break as long as you're in school! Only two more semesters...then I'm finito. I hope it goes fast...I feel like I have been a student for foreverrrrrrrr and a day.

I wish I had super exciting things to say today but alas, not much to report. I am going to go do my Globe & Mail daily reading and check some blogs so perhaps I will get some inspiration there. I will leave you with this funny from Pinterest: (I lol'd!)

"Omg. Best sushi ever for realz. Buzz, wish u were here. Lol :)"

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  1. That dish is my Family's favorite now too (cause' of you) We call it Chicken Supreme!!!

    Thanks Chef Shannon :)