Sunday, April 22, 2012


I went to my very first Vaisakhi parade yesterday. I can't believe I have never been - I am in love with Indian food, dress and culture in general and this definitely combined them all. I must say, it is insanely busy though. The streets of 128th to 120th in Surrey were packed. I read this article that said over 180,000 people attended yesterdays parade (which is record breaking); it also said this is the largest Vaisakhi parade outside of India! It reminded me of going to the fireworks in English Bay.

What is Vaisakhi? It is the birth of Khalsa, which is what all Sikh people who are baptized in that religion are called - from what I gather from the Sikhi Wiki! It also symbolizes a special day in India because it is the first day of their crops harvesting. The color orange, as you will see in many pictures below, is word to symbolize purity. To read more about it, click here.

I love how culturally diverse Surrey is. I love that this is something that brings our community together and develops a sort of understanding about one ethnic beliefs and culture, even though not everyone sees it that way.  I think I've mentioned this before, but just want to clarify that I don't have an interest in converting to that religion, I am just very intrigued by the culture because it's so different from what I know!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so it was nice to be in the sunshine, eat yummy food, hang with my peeps and wear a fun outfit! I would definitely go again for entertainment & to be a part of it. There is food, drinks, balloons, toys, CD's etc. being given out everywhere for free by local businesses. We ate some yummy chick peas, samosas, pakoras, saag (pictured), aloo tikkas, rice and probably others I'm forgetting!

It's difficult to tell the volume of people, but it's PACKED!

(L-R) Manvir, JC, Amanda, Lil Sis, me & Raj

Part of the parade

Children doing cool rope things while walking in the parade

Manvir asked if he could try it - it didn't work so well for him!!

Lil sis & JC with saag & roti

Amanda & I


  1. it's 4 in the morning and you just made me want to run out for indian...any hook ups for 24 hr take out?! ;)

  2. That yellow looks great on you, makes me happy :)