Monday, May 14, 2012

Dim Sum

I just tried dim sum for the first time today! It was pretty yummy; a lot of it was pork & chicken so that limits the options I have hence I ate a lot of shrimp. We had shrimp dumplings, sticky rice in bamboo leaves and another shrimp roll type thing. I'd try it again, there wasn't a ton of flavor in the food which I'm sure if that is normal or if it's the restaurant I was at? I kinda feel like dim sum is bland in itself - all it is is steamed flour with filling....? It was super duper cheap though which was nice - the lunch special 11-3pm made most thing $3.10 each. I think we got 4 items and 2 Pops and it was $17. So cheap for eating out!! We went to Lotus Chinese on 120th & 90th.

Have you ever had dim sum? Did you like it? Where did you go? Fill me in!


  1. i feel the same about dim sum- plus i turn veggie when i eat asian so i didn't really like it- the place we went to in vancouver burnt down. pink pearl i think?

  2. Funny thing, I had Dim Sum for the first time on Sat! I've been putting it off for awhile but it was better than I thought (still not my favorite) I have no idea where I was except it was on Kingsway.