Tuesday, May 22, 2012

good company + good food

I love good food and when it's enjoyed with good company, it makes it that much better! I had a lovely lunch with my book club girls over the weekend at the Washington Avenue Grill in White Rock. It was nice to get us all together since Eliza is leaving us soon to be a Housewife of Taiwan and Min is going to Vegas for her 30th birthday this weekend. Sadly, the only photos I took were of my food...note to self: take more people photos!

Min's lunch - a short rib sandwich topped with coconut battered onion rings. The presentation was fun, plus she was in love with the taste of it all!

My cod & chips. It was really yummy! The batter had a good flavor plus it was only $8.99.

I also had dinner with Heidi, Lindsay and Christina. We went to Brix in Yaletown and it was so great! I'd never been there but loved the atmosphere. It has a courtyard type area plus an indoor area to the restaurant. We sat in the courtyard and had a delish bottle of white wine and a cheese plate that was to die for. I never realized I liked blue cheese so much! We are really glad that Christina is back from Montreal and living here again. She was living there for the past few years which was great for her because she finished her degree (yay!) but sucky for us because we missed her.

Between these two groups of girls, I feel very lucky to have such great friends! Seriously, every single one of them are strong, optimistic, fun, smart, caring women who add so much value to my life. I can't imagine a world without all of them! xoxo

Lindsay & Momma (aka Heidi)

Shan & Christina


Heid & our lovely cheese plate

They do weddings here - isn't it gorgeous??! Google it for more photos!

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  1. aww so nice! it WAS a lovely evening! i'm gonna have my spaghettini for breakfast...obviously.