Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Is it Broken?"

We watched this video last night in a class I am in and I found it really interesting! The class I am in is called Organizational Development which focuses on how organizations run & their best practices. It should prove to be an interesting class as the instructor wants to run it like a workplace. I really like the business-y aspects of the HR program I am in and how businesses run really intrigue me.

This video is by an author & marketer named Seth Godin. The purpose of us watching the video in class was to discuss that things need to make sense. A lot of reasons people & businesses/organizations do what they do is because "it's what we've always done" or "it works this way". Thinking outside the box and thinking of what makes the most sense is important and this video adds some business & humor to that concept. It's about 10 minutes long; enjoy! (Justin - I think it's a Ted Talks video!! This is the YouTube version though so I could embed it.)

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