Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my monday

I had a fun day today. I slept in and lounged this morning, then JC came over after her early morning shift. We spent all afternoon and evening having some good quality bonding time, mainly deriving from ethnic food! Our main goal was to make the same yummy yellow daal we had made before that I blogged about. Below are some photos of our adventures:

The 'tarka' of our daal - basically the start to any Indian dish that includes garlic, ginger, onions and some spices. Tomatoes have been added already in this image, but aren't always included in the tarka.

The daal simmering - it is its appropriate yellow color here & looking yummy now that its been garnished with cilantro!

Now I mixed my daal with my rice and it looks really dark?! No idea why. I guesstimated the amounts of spices so perhaps I did a few things differently from last time. It tasted similar though so who knows!

JC tried on some Indian 'lenghas' that a friend gave us (old ones). We had a fun little fashion show. Don't think we will actually be wearing them though!!

We ate the daal for lunch, and for dinner decided we would continue on some ethnic trends. We went to a Pho restaurant in Surrey for summer rolls. Pho Hoa on 104th & 144th has delicious Vietnamese rolls and pho soup! We were simply craving the rolls though. They are really yummy and really cheap. I think each one was $1.99 and they are huge!
I liked how the Pho section of the menu had a "For Beginners" section. It is confusing if you've never been! (I highly recommend Pho, by the way. Tons of flavor and quite healthy.)

Ta-da!! These are the summer rolls we were craving. So delicious, served with a  crunchy peanut sauce. 
Complete snack with green tea.

The next part to our dinner was prawn pakoras from Lighthouse Fresh & Tasty in Surrey (King George & 80th) For the amount of prawns you get, the value is really great too I think! $14.29 gets you about 20 prawns. We barely finished them! They are served with red onions and the chutney below and are seriously my favorite prawns in the whole wide world.

This is the chutney that you dip the prawns in - so good. It is a tomato/onion based chutney and adds a lot to the prawns. I have to stop myself from just eating scoops of it! It doesn't look all that great in the picture, but it is just that delicious that I couldn't resist adding an image.

There you have it folks! Shannon & JC's food adventures :) I have to admit, I was slightly inspired by a job posting I saw a few days ago that I was about a month too late to apply for. The position for Richmond Tourism was entitled "Food Blogger" and basically you try different restaurants for one full year and write reviews via a blog for them! The goal for Richmond is to increase awareness etc. in all their restaurants; the successful applicant receives a salary of $50,000, housing in Richmond, meals paid for all year and a gym membership. How cool would that be?! I was so bummed that I had missed the application deadline when I found out about it. Not that I think I would have gotten the job necessarily, but ya never know! That is like a dream job for me. If anyone sees any similar postings - send them my way! To check of the "365 Days of Dining" website, click here.  They are down to 12 finalists that you can vote for after checking out their blogs; all of which are pretty neat!

I start house sitting tomorrow at a new place; a house on the ocean...pics to come soon! I'm off to bed now - goodnight world :)

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