Wednesday, May 2, 2012

my new home...

...until Sunday, that is.

This is where I am currently housesitting in White Rock. I think I have died and gone to heaven. My pals Roxie & Rufus are chillin' outside on the deck with me watching the ocean right now - it is so peaceful and quiet!! Some of the pictures below don't do the features justice, but there are some really cool, unique things about things about this house.

The view I have right now from the back deck

The kitchen - dual ovens, gas stove, hood range... sigh! I'm in love! 

This is Jomo the parrot eating a carrot. (I'm a poet & I didn't even know it!) Yes, he talks!! It's wild!!

Rufus is so silly - this is how he was sleeping while I was in the kitchen.

One of two favorite things about this house: the spiral staircase to the 4th floor (Roxie modeling in front of it for me)

As I was going to bed, this is how Roxie was sitting on the stairs. They are very narrow stairs so I have no idea how that was comfortable!!

My 2nd favorite thing! The 4th floor shower. It's huge, has no door and the tile you see to the left is basically where the spiral staircase is. The room has a really unique layout.

This is literally what I woke up to. I laid in bed for a while before dragging my bum out of it to go to work!

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