Sunday, May 6, 2012


I believe my diet will consist of popsicles after Tuesday when I am getting my tonsils removed. I am somewhat nervous, but excited that I won't get strep throat and other throat issues every week of my life. My brother got his tonsils removed a long time ago as well, and he specifically wasn't allowed purple popsicles because they look like blood. Among that, the only other thing I remember about him having them out was that he had really bad breath for forever... I apologize in advance... :(

I was on a list to be scheduled to have them removed for several months, however a cancellation happened so I received a phone call on Thursday to have it done the following Tuesday. I figured I may as well, because it's never going to be convenient to have it done and that I may as well get it over with. So, I go on Tuesday afternoon to the Jim Pattison Outpatient and Surgery Center. I have a scheduled phone call tomorrow to discuss specifics so I will keep y'all posted.

Will my voice change?! There goes my singing career I guess...!


Your Soon-to-be Tonsil-less Blogger


  1. I remember lots of popsicles then I graduated to pudding :) ...o and I remember if they offer you IV gravol- take it! i'm excited for you to not have to live with recurring infections :) yippee!

  2. Heid I always forget that you got yours out too! How old were you then?!?! I will defs be signing up to take the gravol via IV...I can't imagine barfing with stitches in my throat :/ (sorry if that's a bit graphic for you momma...)

    PS - when I reply to a comment on a post (this one, for example), do you get a notification? Write back if yes.


  3. Ham here, I sounded different when I got mine out :)