Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today is a day that I am in a good school mood, so I figured I should blog about it while I am in it! Sometimes, just sometimes, I get these really great feelings of the fact that I really value education. I think that it is so beneficial in so many ways, and I don't even know where to begin on the amount of life lessons I have learned by being in school! A few of them, randomly enough, include:

  1. The new friends I have made that are life long. You don't know someone until it is 6 am and you realize you are still working on a budget project together... 
  2. I am definitely a procrastinator & like to do things last minute. I work well under pressure. I will dilly dally if there is no deadline. Maybe this isn't so much a positive characteristic, but I have tried to really learn from this and plan my schedule accordingly. 
  3. Intellectual conversation is something I enjoy. Yes, I love to have silly conversation too, but I love a good solid business conversation. 
  4. I've learned that I really do like business and the Human Resources program I am in! I like current events, reading the newspaper and I LOVE browsing job postings. I send them out to everyone, even if they aren't currently looking for jobs.
  5. I love to talk. (surprise, surprise!) I love presentations at school. I have learned to speak up in class and have opinions, but sometimes I am fearful that my answer is just going get shot down so I am apprehensive. I have tried to let that fear go and realize that everyone is on the same learning curve as me and it's ok to make mistakes! 
  6. I have a giant support system in my life. I will admit, I do get easily stressed, and with full time work and full time school I get stressed frequently. I have fantastic family and friends who help me when I need help and are just all around very, very supporting of me.
Like I said, there are just certain days like this where I am really happy that I chose to go back to school. I don't regret taking a several-year hiatus after high school, but I do sometimes wish I was done my degree sooner and I imagine what I would be doing career-wise if I was done school already. I do think that I had valuable life & work experiences in the time I was not in school, and my work experience is valuable in the career path I am going on.

Anywho, now I am going to wrap up an assignment that is due at 7:55am tomorrow! (hahaha)

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