Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I went to the hospital today for my 12:30 appointment with my sister. I told my teachers I wasn't coming to class, I rearranged work, I took days off and my brother and sister rearranged things. I got the cute little gown on, the fun hair net, special green socks and slippers on. I took some pills (unknown, pre surgery pills?!) and got an IV started. My surgery appointment was scheduled for 2:30. My sister and I sat and chatted for a few hours with my IV in and then the nurse came to tell me that the surgeon was behind and I would not be getting surgery today. What a pain!!!!! I get it, things happen at hospitals and there's only so much they can do, but seriously. How irritating! Now I have to wait until they call me for another appointment and go through this all again.

So, I still have tonsils folks! Will keep you posted when this comes up again.


  1. This give you time to lay some tracks down befor your voice changes ;)