Saturday, May 19, 2012

week-long wedding time

My friend Pavan's brother got married today! Amanda and I went to the ceremony today as well as the mayan on Wednesday. The reception is tomorrow night and we are going to that too. I love how weddings spread over such time spans in the Indian culture! So many parties and celebrations.

The mayan on Wednesday was fun; we ate lots of yummy Indian food (pakoras, my fave) and danced lots too! There was a juggo dance, which is where everyone dances with a light on their head and there was also a part there all the females rubbed lotion on the grooms arm. I'm not sure of the reasons for any of these traditions, but it was super interesting to see and be part of!

Amanda, Pavan, me

Today was the ceremony at the Akali Singh Sikh Temple in Vancouver (the one you can see off Hwy 1 by First Ave). I've never been to an actual Indian marriage ceremony so this was exciting for me, plus a little nerve racking for us considering we don't know any of the 'rituals' and didn't want to offend anyone. We knew the basics: cover your head when in the temple, take your shoes off in the temple etc...but just basic things were scary! We managed to pull it off without harming anyone or embarrassing ourselves. I don't have many photos since I didn't think it was very respectful to whip out a camera in the middle of a religious ceremony (of which I was unfamiliar with at that!) so here is what I do have:

In our suits - baggy pants with a tunic essentially, plus a scarf to cover your head (we wore saris to the mayan above)

the temple

We were given this upon entry to the ceremony - actually quite helpful to follow along!!
I'm wearing a new pink sari to the reception tomorrow night so I'm excited to take lots of pictures in it. I'm also excited to do lots of dancing. I love Indian music - the beat is always really strong and it's always really loud which is majorly up my alley. Oooo and I'm going to ANOTHER wedding reception next Sunday!! I don't actually know the person getting married; I'm just going with a friend.

After the wedding ceremony this morning, I went to work. Between yesterday and today, I have gotten a lot done.  I still have a large "to do" list, but it has been majorly reduced. The BEST feeling in the entire world is having a very minimal list of emails in your inbox! (a la my computer below:)

Look! Only SIX emails in my inbox, hooray!!

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