Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I am in Kelowna for work today and tomorrow - looking at some different methods of registration & programs at the YMCA here. Fun fact du jour: Premier Christy Clark was on our flight here this morning!

I have a paper due tomorrow though so I am going to work on that now that I am comfy cozy in my hotel bed now. I was in charge of booking a hotel and mistakenly booked a kinda yucky one. Whoops. I Googled "hotels in Kelowna near Kelowna YMCA" and there are SO many - I got overwhelmed. It's only one night so I will survive!

I meant to take a picture of something here, since I assumed it'd be sunny, but it's been rainy here so I googled a photo instead. Here is where I WISH I was staying! (some random house on the lake, gorgeous!!):

via this site

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