Saturday, June 23, 2012

one week today.

I had my pesky little tonsils removed one week ago today. Hooray?

My throat is STILL really sore to talk, eat, drink and anything that involves swallowing. I am still tired, low energy and want to sleep a lot. Hoping those all start to subside as it has been 7 days now...I do feel overall better since the surgery but I don't feel all that well day to day right now. I think I will be happy to have had them out in the long run, but not eating and not talking really sucks!!

What else? I am heading to my aunt/cousin's tomorrow to stay there for a few weeks and hang out with my cousin Cameron and their dog. Harley is a ginourmous great pyrenees doggy - she's super cute but really slobbery. I will post some photos of her :)

I sat at home this evening and tried to get some homework done but instead watched this super cute movie on TV. It's just a nice, feel good, cute movie:

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