Saturday, June 16, 2012


My throat is a little on the sore side to say the least after I got those pesky tonsils removed yesterday! However, it's only slightly more painful than having a bad case of strep throat which I am fairly used to.

It reaaaalllly hurts to swallow. It also reaaaalllllly hurts to talk. So I have a blank Word document on my laptop open so when my family comes to check on me I can "chat" with them - haha. My parents and siblings have been very helpful so far!! My sister hung out at the hospital all day with me and at home last night with me. Then I woke up to mom shining a flashlight in my face around 1 am to make sure I was still alive... They're great nurses!! Xoxo

I've gotten some homework done today (only because it was due at 7 pm tonight) and have not gotten out of bed thus far except to use the washroom. I have eaten 3 Popsicles since Thursday at 10 pm and dranken a bit of water. I'm super duper hungry but the thought of swallowing is far outweighing my hunger.

More updates tomorrow! :)

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