Saturday, July 21, 2012

principles of innovation

Marissa Mayer, who is the CEO of Yahoo! and also worked as a VP for Google, shared some tips for innovation in the workplace.  Marissa is also the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company at her age of 37.

I was intrigued by this topic because of a class I am in currently where we are learning the importance of creativity & innovation and looked at Ideo as a company who embraces them well. (check them out - they are a super cool company!!)

The idea of innovation applies not only to organizations, but to life in general! When the definition of innovation is "the introduction of something new", why WOULDN'T you want to be innovative?! Making dinner, having conversations, making plans with friends - these all include innovation!

Marissa's 9 principles of innovation are: (with my brief summaries to explain some beside them!)

1. Innovation, not instant perfection: when you launch something, that's when you get your best feedback.
2. Ideas come from everywhere.
3. A license to pursue your dreams: when Marissa worked for Google, engineers have 20%  of their work time that they were allowed to work on whatever they want. This allowed them to come up with great ideas for things they were genuinely passionate about and worked well for the company.
4. Morph projects, don't kill them. 
5. Share as much information as you can. 
6. Users, users, users: in a business, when you focus on the users & consumers of a product, the money and revenue will naturally come after.
7. Data is apolitical: make decisions on what works best from people actually using it, not who likes what the best internally.
8. Creativity loves constraints: people love to think their way out of the box!
9. "You're brilliant? We're hiring!": a slogan Marissa found worked wonders when creating job postings.

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