Monday, August 20, 2012

As mentioned, it was not just my brothers birthDAY on August 18th, it was his birthWEEKEND! Him, little sister and I went for dinner on Friday night to West Beach Bar & Grill in White Rock. It is a cute little restaurant on the beach with live music. I had an amazing blackened tuna burger that I would eat 50 times over; and then we came and had some drinks, fire and cake in our backyard with our parents a few friends. It was relaxing on our nice, new, comfy patio set.

Saturday we went to the beach & to a party (see post below!) and then on Sunday we went for family dinner to the Mongolie Grill. If you haven't ever been, you need to go. It's basically a create-your-own-stirfry restaurant, so how can it not be up your alley?! Then the dynamic Spier trio headed to Brown's for my friend Harj's birthday! Her siblings were there as well so we called it a Spier-Sanghera hang out. It was a lot of fun and I like that my siblings can hang out with all my friends; it's like one big happy family all the time! I love it.

Of course, some photos below of our adventures!

The aforementioned blackened tuna burger at West Beach Bar & Grill - did I mention it had avocado too?! Yum!

Friday night cake in the backyard for our brother

Pants likes to call this his party shirt - it says 'All I Do Is Win" (it's a song)

Ham & I at the party Saturday night

Mongolie Grill

Pants eating his plate of meat & noodles (which is much opposite from my plate of vegetables!)

Classic doggy bag boxes

My fortune was 'Seven & Eight are significant numbers for you"...!?! That's a lame fortune!!

Flowers for Harj at Browns

Pants & Harj

Harj & I


  1. 7 and 8 could be very important numbers! What if it's sayings that when you are 2"7" or 2"8" you will meet the man of your dreams. Or that a famous lawyer works on the 7 or 8th floormofma big building! Or!! On the 7 of the 8th week of the new year something will happen haha just being optimistic for you! ;)