Wednesday, August 29, 2012

cheese boards

I found these gorgeous Brooklyn Slate Co. cheese boards through a blog I read, and think they are gorgeous! I am huge cheese fan, so that helps, but these just add such a nice touch to a cheese platter. Bonus: you can write on them to identify the cheeses. Our book club would DIE for this. Plus they have coasters and other fun packages that come with cheese.

Did I mention I love cheese? My favorite is...hmm...goat? Feta? Swiss? Sharp cheddar? Mozzarella? I don't think I could pick just one. Oh, and how could I forget brie cheese? Whats YOUR favorite cheese? (see, it's hard to pick just one...TRY!)


  1. brie!! i went to order and they are sold out for now :( boo!

    1. I'd strongly recommend you do NOT buy reason...