Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chopsticks on Pho

We have a new restaurant in our work hood which I am super excited about - I am a big pho fan. It's called Chopsticks on Pho and I went there yesterday to try it out - I didn't try the actual pho yet, that will come soon! This place serves the typical Vietnamese noodle soup (usually with beef in it), spring rolls and salad rolls. Salad rolls (as seen below) are a fairly plain roll, with some noodles, prawns and lettuce in them. They are served with peanut sauce (or hoison sauce is yummy with it!) and I've had them several times before.

The restaurant it very clean, nice looking and modern inside, and the menu is short and simple. It is also nice that it is in English, because a lot of pho places aren't! The service was fine, it's more of a fast food place; you order & pay at the counter and then they bring you your food when it is ready. The spring rolls (which were so tiny) and salad rolls (which were giant) were nicely plated and tasted delicious, however they were INSANELY expensive. Two salad rolls & two spring rolls came to $23. My jaw dropped and I had to get her to repeat the price for me, and made a comment about how expensive it was. Oh, and I ordered a pop. The pop itself was $3.67 (I could have bought an entire dozen for that) and the spring rolls were $3 each and the salad rolls were $6 each. Considering the last time I blogged about eating salad rolls, they were $1.99, I was flabbergasted! Plus, they tasted exactly the same as any other place I have eaten them. The lady did make a comment about how expensive rent was ($40 per square foot) but in my opinion they are way too over priced, regardless of their rent cost.

Overall a good experience and good food, but I will have to win the lottery to continue to eat there. I do like that they are in a nice neighborhood; for some reason a lot of pho places I've been to are in sketchy neighborhoods. I do want to go back to try their pho soup to give them a fair chance.

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