Monday, August 27, 2012

famous floorplans

I found this website that had an article with four floor plans from our fave tv shows designed by this artist. I thought they were kinda cool to examine, from a birds eye view, considering I have been watching these shows for many, many years! Did you know I watch Frasier from 11 - 12 pm Monday through Friday?! (Well, that's a lie. When I CAN watch it in that time frame I do!)

You may need to click on the images to see them larger:

Frasier's apartment - it's huge!!

The classic across-the-hall Friends apartments

My girl Carrie Bradshaw's apartment - I love this layout so much! The walk through closet and two entrances to the washroom are what every girl wants.

The Big Bang Theory apartments - I haven't been watching this show for years, but still! Pretty cool!
PS - Can you write the next great sitcom?


  1. i love the '?' in monica's secret closet ;)

    1. Totally!! I guess we never did find out what was in that hey?!