Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fun wedding things

My Pinterest wedding board has been accumulating quite the collection of ideas for a wedding - you would think I was getting married or something! (I'm not.)

I have been really loving the whole nautical theme lately (well, that's not so new!) and have gathered some photos below. Not all are nautical, but they are all pretty, that's for sure.

tying a knot as part of your ceremony

anchor tattoos in lieu of rings

bridesmaids gift ring &/or bracelet by Kate Spade "for helping me tie the knot"

cute wedding invite

would you wear an orange wedding dress?! I love it! Unique.


  1. I believe Elissa is doing the "tying the knot" with a rope during her ceremony! neat hey?! :)

    Lil sis

    1. Fun!! I love that. Thanks for the comment lil' sis! xo